Taylor A. Armstrong Neddy + Elizabeth Burdeaux Lizzie

No children
Taylor A. "Neddy" Armstrong
Birth: May 14, 1879Tennessee, USA
Death: December 10, 1957Texas, USA
Elizabeth Burdeaux
Birth: June 17, 1883 30 34Texas, USA
Death: March 1, 1954Texas, USA
Daniel Burdeaux
Birth: June 11, 1853Alabama, USA
Death: September 11, 1920
Sarah Ann Fuller Davis Burdreaux
Birth: April 25, 1849Alabama, USA
Death: February 14, 1930Texas, USA

Facts and events

Marriage December 12, 1900

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Descendants of Taylor and Elizabeth Armstrong and ancestors of Taylor Armstrong have not been included on this site. A family tree file with this information can be downloaded from http://bettys-little-angels.com/main-family-tree-download.html, a site run by Betty Joyce (Stubbs) Barrett, a great granddaughter of Taylor and Elizabeth.

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