Susannah Birgit,

Susannah Birgit
Given names
MarriageJeremiah YoungbloodView this family

Birth of a son
James Youngblood
about 1789
Birth of a son
William Youngblood
October 11, 1790
Birth of a son
Ambrose B. Youngblood
about 1795
Birth of a son
Jeremiah Youngblood
about 1797
Birth of a son
George Bradley Youngblood
October 14, 1804
Birth of a son
John Fanning Youngblood
November 15, 1809
Note: Tombstone birth year of 1804 differs from other sources.
Birth of a son
Theodrick Birgit Youngblood
October 26, 1814
Death of a husbandJeremiah Youngblood
December 6, 1814
Marriage of a childWilliam YoungbloodEdith Lucinda ReedView this family
December 18, 1817
Marriage of a childAmbrose B. YoungbloodMartha A. FanningView this family
about 1817

Death of a sonJames Youngblood
between 1820 and 1824

Marriage of a childGeorge Bradley YoungbloodDianah BrackenView this family
January 29, 1825
Birth of a granddaughter
Mary Youngblood
between 1830 and 1835

Marriage of a childJohn Fanning YoungbloodView this family
about 1830

Marriage of a childJohn Fanning YoungbloodElizabeth Amanda NicholsonView this family
May 3, 1839
Marriage of a childTheodrick Birgit YoungbloodSarah H. HutchesonView this family
November 17, 1839
Death of a sonWilliam Youngblood
January 1840
Note: Died at his farm
Birth of a granddaughter
Malissa Ann Youngblood Annie
February 1840
Note: George C. Hurley's death certificate gives his mother's birthplace as Tennessee, whereas the 1900 census and her pension application say Alabama. Given that the 1900 census and 1915 pension application were earlier while Malissa was alive, Alabama will be given as the birthplace here.
Birth of a grandson
Jack A. Youngblood
August 6, 1841
Birth of a granddaughter
Jane Youngblood
October 30, 1845
Birth of a grandson
Mark P. Youngblood
March 20, 1848
Birth of a granddaughter
Elizabeth Amanda Youngblood
November 3, 1850
Marriage of a childJohn Fanning YoungbloodSusan KiddView this family
between 1850 and 1855

Birth of a grandson
Louis Frederick Youngblood
about 1855
Marriage of a childTheodrick Birgit YoungbloodMahala SkeltonView this family
April 23, 1863
Marriage of a childTheodrick Birgit YoungbloodMalinda Melvina HarringtonView this family
May 14, 1863
Marriage of a childJohn Fanning YoungbloodR. Elizabeth Dodson PickettView this family
about 1865

Birth of a granddaughter
Dovie Youngblood
about 1866
Birth of a grandson
William Mark Youngblood
about 1871
Death of a sonJeremiah Youngblood
between 1870 and 1880

Death of a sonGeorge Bradley Youngblood
September 20, 1873
Marriage of a childJohn Fanning YoungbloodMalissa Caroline Voss Shrode CallieView this family
Death of a sonTheodrick Birgit Youngblood
February 7, 1879
Death of a sonAmbrose B. Youngblood
between February 1882 and March 1882
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Family with Jeremiah Youngblood
Birth: about 1789 23South Carolina, USA
Death: between 1820 and 1824
22 months
Birth: October 11, 1790 25South Carolina, USA
Death: January 1840Tennessee, USA
5 years
Birth: about 1795 29South Carolina, USA
Death: between February 1882 and March 1882Arkansas, USA
3 years
Birth: about 1797 31South Carolina, USA
Death: between 1870 and 1880
8 years
Birth: October 14, 1804 39South Carolina, USA
Death: September 20, 1873Missouri, USA
5 years
John Fanning Youngblood
Birth: November 15, 1809 44Tennessee, USA
Death: September 25, 1910Texas, USA
5 years
Birth: October 26, 1814 49Tennessee, USA
Death: February 7, 1879Missouri, USA