Berengar II De Bayeux, 847896 (age 49 years)

Berengar II De Bayeux
Given names
Berengar II
De Bayeux
Birth 847
Birth of a daughter
Poppa de Valois
872 (Age 25 years)
Birth of a son
Judicael Berengar of Rennes

Birth of a grandson
William I Longsword of Normandy
893 (Age 46 years)
Death 896 (Age 49 years)


Berengar II's pedigree is uncertain. See excerpt from Wikipedia article (

Berengar was named for Berengar I of Neustria, but was most likely the son of Henry of Franconia, himself a member of the Senior Capets through the Babenberg lineage. He is likely to have been Henry's son because (1) Berengar named his daughter the feminine form of Poppo, a name common among the Babenbergs, and (2) the main Capetian branch had traditionally held the Breton March. Of course, this is all theoretical and the lineage of Berengar might very well have been Saxon, considering the known presence of a raiding colony of that people in the Bessin and the fact that the Frankish element of this region was never strong, despite involved forenames. Compare Wessex across the English Channel and their ethnic mixture with Cornwall, as well as the pre-Norman Conquest presence of Bretons in England, such as Alan II, Duke of Brittany or Ralph the Staller. These theories are alternatives to the traditionally Breton genealogical origin, because the area was once known as "New Brittany" in the Latin language: Brittania Nova, in Merovingian Francia. It may be said that this lineage was due to Berengar perhaps being descended from Breton expansionists in pre-Capetian West Francia and before the establishment of Normandy as a polity dependent upon the County of Rouen, which annexed Bayeux. All three ideas of origin are as intimately related to later conditions during the Hundred Years' War, as they are to the previous status of Britannia as a Roman Diocese within the Prefecture of Gaul and the general interrelatedness of the people and their bicoastal cultural character.

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Family with Daughter of Gurvand De Rennes
Birth: 872 25 27Upper Normandy, France
Death: 938Nuestria, France