Elizabeth Griffith, 14201514 (age 94 years)

Elizabeth Griffith
Married name
Elizabeth GRUFFUDD
Birth 1420
MarriageThomas Hynaf Ap GRUFFUDDView this family
1439 (Age 19 years)
Birth of a daughter
Margred Verch Thomas
1444 (Age 24 years)
Birth of a son
Rhys Ap Thomas
1449 (Age 29 years)
Birth of a granddaughter
Margaret I Rhys
1470 (Age 50 years)

Birth of a grandson
Gruffydd Ap Rhys
1474 (Age 54 years)
Note: Place given as Cantref Manor withing Manordeilo, however no such location could easily be found currently (2008).
Death of a husbandThomas Hynaf Ap GRUFFUDD
1474 (Age 54 years)
Birth of a grandson
Sir Griffith ap Rhys
1475 (Age 55 years)
Note: Location originally given as Mawr - assumed to be Contref Mawr.
Marriage of a childRhys Ap ThomasEfa Verch HenryView this family
1475 (Age 55 years)
Birth of a grandson
Gruffydd Thomas
1478 (Age 58 years)

Marriage of a grandchildSir Griffith ap RhysKatherine Sst JohnView this family
1499 (Age 79 years)
Death of a daughterMargred Verch Thomas
March 17, 1499 (Age 79 years)
Birth of a grandson
Nicholas Thomas
1500 (Age 80 years)
Death 1514 (Age 94 years)
Note: Location within Carmarthenshire was originally given as Newton, but no such location could easily be found crrently (2008).
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Family with Thomas Hynaf Ap GRUFFUDD
Birth: 1420Staffordshire, England
Death: 1514Carmarthenshire, Wales
Marriage: 1439Cantref Mawr, Carmarthenshire, Wales
6 years
Birth: 1444 19 24Carmarthenshire, Wales
Death: March 17, 1499Monmouthshire, Wales
6 years
Thomas Hynaf Ap GRUFFUDD + Elisabeth De Bourgogne
partner’s partner