Francis Self, 16921733 (age 41 years)

Francis Self
Given names
Birth after 1692 19

Birth of a sisterEliza Self
February 23, 1699 (Age 7 years)

Birth of a brotherWalter Self
about 1700 (Age 8 years)

Birth of a brotherPhillip Self
about 1710 (Age 18 years)
Birth of a brotherBenjamin Self
about 1713 (Age 21 years)

Birth of a brotherJob Self
about 1715 (Age 23 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherRobert Self
1716 (Age 24 years)
Death of a fatherStephen Self
about 1731 (Age 39 years)
Death after 1733 (Age 41 years)


Francis Self served under George Washington in the Virginia Militia in 1754 and again in 1755 under General Braddock. Francis was promised land for his service in the French and Indian War, but he never got it until 1773. In that year, he received a tract of 400 acres in Augusta County, VA as a result of a pact signed by George Washington. However, squatters had since moved onto the land, and Francis spent the rest of his life filing lawsuits against them and paying heavily for surveying costs. One such lawsuit was against William Marshall of Caroline County, VA.

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Family with parents
Birth: before 1692 19Virginia, USA
Death: after 1747
12 months
7 years
younger sister
23 months
younger brother
11 years
younger brother
Birth: about 1710 37Virginia, USA
Death: about 1767North Carolina, USA
4 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother