Adela of France, 10091079 (age 70 years)

Adela of France
Married name
Adela of Normandy, 5th Duke
Birth May 22, 1009
Birth of a daughter
Avelina Fitzrichard

Birth of a grandson
Walter I Giffard
1010 (Age 7 months)
Note: City is given as Longueville, but it is unclear which Longueville in Normandy is meant (there are at least three).
MarriageRichard III of Normandy, 5th DukeView this family
January 1026 (Age 16 years)

Death of a husbandRichard III of Normandy, 5th Duke
August 6, 1028 (Age 19 years)
Death June 5, 1079 (Age 70 years)
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